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Short films and VR


Writer, Director, Editor

A stereoscopic 3D live-action VR180 film about a gamer who enters a medieval Japanese game world with her pal. Featuring first person POV sword-fighting action, a horse run, zombies, ghouls and more!  Winner of 8 awards worldwide. Commissioned as part of Google and VR Scout's VR180 Lab.

(23min, Japan, 2021)

"GEIMU" Award winning sci-fi/action/horror VR film in stereoscopic 3D

"GEIMU" Award winning sci-fi/action/horror VR film in stereoscopic 3D

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Writer, Director, Editor

The leader of a Japanese gang in 1930s Birmingham tries to understand why his younger brother betrayed him. Perhaps the first ever bilingual film in Japanese and Brummie! Featuring Kosei Ono and Shuya Suzuta.

(9min, Japan, 2022) 

The Way

Writer, Director, Editor

The journey of a young man and his closest companion - a horse - that illustrates the triumph of the human spirit. An ode to ancient martial arts as a metaphor for universal truths. Featuring the yabusame practitioner Kouken Sugiura. (10min, Japan) 

[in post-production]


Samurai Seirei

Writer, Director, Editor

The long time friend and retainer of a daimyo  must contend with his lord's increasing madness. A cursed sword could be the culprit. (10min, Japan)

[in production]

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