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"This work is truly wonderful and amazing. It shows us what is possible to achieve in VR, and it is world class. The way the story unfolds, the way it takes us into the game world, it is really well done. There are an abundance of visual effects, on top of that ninjas and other elements of Japanese culture; it is truly a work that I want people to experience in a head mount display. Truly, congratulations to the filmmaker!"

- Nippon TV Producer, Mr. Tsuchiya, Judge for Tokushima Film Festival 2020


"The story, the visuals, the spatial audio - everything is perfect. It's one of the best projects to come out of the VR Lab. Ninjas, a daimyo (samurai warlord), kappas (mythical creatures) and zombies. Welcome to the strange world of GEIMU. This is a monumental work of VR. For viewers it is a superb experience and for creators it shows the possibilities. The HMD was made for watching content like this."  

- Makoto Hirose, VR180 Lab Mentor 


"A common challenge in works of virtual reality is the lack of an audio experience that corresponds to your visual one. Ambisonic audio in a virtual reality film that is 23 minutes long is truly groundbreaking (most vr contents with ambisonic audio are much shorter). This means you can have a deeply immersive narrative experience. This is the way that virtual reality was meant to be experienced and I hope you enjoy it."  

- Masato Ushijima (Sonologic-Design), GEIMU Sound Designer and Engineer




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